Orange Sherbet Weed

Orange Sherbet Weed


Coming from Barney’s Farm, Orange Sherbert is a cross of Orange Cream, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie. A group of American breeders came together to produce this orange candy treat. Buds come in a dense green and purple hue with stark orange pistils that add to its bag appeal.


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The child of an iconic threesome, Orange Sherbet – sometimes called Orange Sherbet – delivers fun, dynamic flavor and mild effects that work to put a smile on your face.

Despite its relative unpopularity, this strain is lip-lickin’ good, embracing your taste buds with a blend of cream, oranges, pepper, and herbs to invigorate your system and give you that well-deserved energy boost to see you through your day. Plus, with its mild THC content, the Orange Sherbet cultivar makes a wonderful choice for first-timers and low tolerance users who might want something a little more manageable.


Unlike most other strains that are the result of a cross between two parent cultivars, the Orange Sherbet strain combines qualities from three parent strains, giving it a more dynamic appeal that’s multi-dimensional, versatile, and adaptable.

Orange Cream

Smooth and citrusy, the Orange Cream strain is one that won’t irritate your throat with strong, scratchy smoke. This strain boasts the perfect THC content, sitting pretty at the 18.5% mark. This makes it highly adaptable to a variety of needs, giving you great effects whether you’re looking for an easy high or couch locking intoxication.

Purple Urkle

Deeply relaxing, Purple Urkle is a strain that puts its patrons in a state of trance-like calmness. Heavily dominated by sativa effects, this cultivar contains just 16% THC, but promises to clear your mind and body of clutter and stress to release a strong sense of self-peace that can keep you seated, silent, and smiling for hours.

Cherry Pie

Sweet, sour, and sublimely balanced, the Cherry Pie cultivar captivates with its combination of delectable fruity flavors. Blanketing your tongue in a lively blend of herbs, pepper, and pine, Cherry Pie can give you the best of both worlds with its profile that falls right smack dab in the middle of indica and sativa dominance.

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