Crossing Gelato and Biscotti has made a hybrid designer strain like no other. The appearance of the nugs have a nice light green hue that’s accented beautifully by frosty crystals coating a super dense bud. You’ll notice a gassy smell that reminds you of any OG strain. This couples well with a noticeable menthol and familiar Gelato resolve on the taste. This is a musky strain that has a minty-sweetness to it that gives you a perfect balance of flavor and pure gas.

There aren’t a lot of growers that are producing this strain in the legal cannabis market. In Washington state, you won’t find this gas lurking around nearly anywhere. It seems as though this particular strain has largely made its home in California. As the legal market grows it’s interesting to see which strains are becoming favorites on a state-to-state level.

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Gelatti is a 50/50 balanced hybrid that is a cross of Gelato and Biscotti. See, now this is fun strain naming. I mean just crossing these two is a no-brainier. Who doesn’t want a Italian frozen treat with some sweet bread cookies. Forget about it! Fantastic recommendation from my guy at Select!

The THC levels of Gelatti are said to range from the low to mid 20%. I do not know why this registers as a 50/50 balance. The sativa cerebral, euphoric, and energizing effects are potent after the first hit. This is a definite day time strain for when you got stuff to do; and want to enjoy doing it! Mental elation and focus gradual builds with a slight body relaxing edge that accompanies the mental effects nicely.

Gelatti tastes of a minty cream milkshake with berry accents and a slight diesel after-taste. The flavors combine to create an eclectic blast of oral enjoyment. On the first pull you receive layers of sweetness, textures of silkiness, and undertones of rich earthniness. Enjoy this decadent dessert treat anytime of day. Happy 4:20!

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